KST Admission Process

KST or KELVIN Scholarship Test is a way to identify, inspire and reward the meritorious aspirants. KELVIN encourages every student to appear for KST to take admission. A student can earn up to 90% scholarship on Course fee (tuition fee) through this exam. The admission to various programs offered by KELVIN can be taken after appearing in KST.

  • The registration for KST can be done Online / Offline.
  • A student can appear maximum of two times for KST.
Why KST is a recommended option to take admission in KELVIN?

KELVIN Scholarship Test (KST) is created to give every deserving candidate a chance to participate in competition and earn reward for it. The basic objective of KST is to make the students realize their potential and inspire them to perform from the very first day.

When a student takes part in KST before taking admission in KELVIN, he/she becomes self-aware to prepare. It boosts morale and sows the seeds of motivation to do better.

  • Win up to 90% scholarship (Tuition Fee) on Medical/ Engineering/ Foundations Course at Kelvin Institute.
  • Test your potential and explore your limits.
  • Get Career Counseling to prepare strategy for your career.
  • Develop your confidence to next level.

Test Pattern for KELVIN Scholarship Test

Program Syllabus Number of Questions Time(in Min.)
FTYCP Science(S), Maths (M), IQ Based upto 8th class 40 (25 (S+M) + 15 IQ) 80
FOYCP Science(S), Maths (M), IQ Based upto 9th class 40 (25 (S+M) + 15 IQ) 80
TYCP (E) Science(S), Maths (M), IQ Based upto 10th class 40 (25 (S+M) + 15 IQ) 80
TYCP (M) Science(S), Maths (M), IQ Based upto 10th class 40 (25 (S+M) + 15 IQ) 80
OYCP (E) Physics (P), Chemistry (C), Maths (M) 45 PCM 80
OYCP (M) Physics (P), Chemistry (C), Biology (B) 60 PCB 80

Documents to Register for KST
  • 2 passport size photos
  • 1 Aadhar card/ School ID card (photocopy)
Scholarship Note
  • All the scholarship concessions will be confirmed only after receiving the attested mark-sheet from the student; and if the marks do not justify the concession or there is any irregularity of any kind, the payment adjusted against such scholarship/ benefit will have to be paid before the enrolment is finalized.
  • In case GST or any kind of any Indirect or Direct tax is levied by the Govt. or as per any law, on any type of scholarship/ concession/ discount given to the students at the time of admission or during the progress of the course, then, the same will be borne by the student/ parents.
  • Through KST, if Student got 100% scholarship then he/she has to pay only Admission fee.