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Connecting the small dots in marketing data analysis to discovering breakthrough research in medical field to designing smart architectures & skyscrapers to accurately refining applications in agriculture, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has ingeniously lifted the level of deliverance in every sector of human life and life worth.

People call it the future of humanity and experts call it the need of moment to evolve into a better species. The essence of AI is always there, from hidden in words and wishes, to spotting its role in every other instance.

From the prospects of career, it is the next-gen opportunity, still explored by a very few.

AI is a core, transformative way by which we are rethinking how we are doing everything.” – Sundar Pichai (CEO – Google)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Brain of Future Technology

Artificial intelligence, on the very basic ground, is the programming of machines in such a way that can reason and give more productive and customized work delivery.

Developer creating AI brain

With time, AI has evolved and revolutionized wide spectrum of work areas such as software programming, office operations, data analysis, pharmacy, medical research & treatment, education, science research and analysis, archaeological studies, geographical studies, astronomy, weather, agriculture, gaming & video and many other fields.

Artificial Intelligence is growing every day and will soon become an integral part of human life.



Why AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a career of future?

The basic motive of Artificial Intelligence is to ease the processing of operations. The use of AI is widely appreciated for the basic as well as advanced level of applications.

The only limit is how densely we can develop it and how efficiently we can use it.

AI is the future. When machines will be doing even the petty tasks for humans and humans will be working for higher purposes. The AI is the climbing twine which will take us to that peak.


Top AI companies in the world who are integrating AI rapidly

Since the power and reach of AI is already being recognized, the choice to be a part of it or remain ignorant solely remains on us.

We, humans, always try to avoid new and follow the already walked paths to avoid the fear of unknown. But it is also the fact that all great discoveries are made by stepping into the unknown.

When the engineering is taking a leap with the use of better technological advancements, AI will be the core of that force.

For instance, suppose you are driving a car in the unknown terrain late in night, unaware of potholes/ risks on the road ahead, how helpful it would be if your Car’s integrated AI pro-actively tells or even shows pictures of the upcoming potholes/ blockages as soon as you took left turn for that road. You would have ignored it and taken the longer but safer way instead.

Car funny gif

Oh crap !

The beauty of AI lies deep in the understanding that it is a kind of human brain, only much better, faster, unbiased and emotionless which means, if put to right use, it can become perfect tool to optimize human’s daily tasks…

And so lies the application and increased demand of AI in future.

If you love the world of technology and fascinated by how your smartphones are becoming a way smarter, you can choose this career stream with confidence which will keep you in sync with innovations and excellence.

Career Scope in AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, expressed it as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.

Use of Artificial intelligence

Career opportunities AI

How to become top AI professional?

IIT – Hyderabad introduces AI (B.Tech.)

Previously, various private and foreign partnership institutes were providing Diploma and Degree courses in AI for which experience in programming was a prerequisite. 

IIT - Hyderabad picture

IIT – Hyderabad

But with the introduction of AI as a degree course (B.Tech.) in IIT-Hyderabad, a new league for a sparkling career in Artificial intelligence has commenced.

After class 12th,

  • The student will have to go through the JEE Advanced route.
  • The first session for the program will start from academic year 2019-2020.
  • 3rd Institute worldwide offering a full-fledged AI degree program.
  • IIT-Hyderabad will take only 20 students in first session.

Recently, CBSE has also introduced AI as an optional sixth subject in Class IX curriculum from 2019-2020 session which will obviously shape the young minds into the art of AI. The opportunity has already knocked on the door, see how soon we identify it.

Who can choose AI as a Career?

Anyone can opt for a career in AI, however, efficiency in these subjects will surely give you advantage during learning.

Mathematics and Mathematical Logic – Algorithms, Algebra, Calculus, Probability, & Statistics.

Science – Especially physics, neural nets, cognitive science theory, and robotics.

Biology – Related to psychology and physiology

Programming & Coding – Interest in coding and 2-3 universal coding languages to start with.  

It is not the exhaustive syllabus, just a touch of basics.

Artificial Intelligence infographic

Steps to make Career in AI after class 12th

Career Potential for AI Developer 

FICCI and NASSCOM with EY jointly commissioned the work to predict and fathom the prospect of “Future of Jobs in India”.

It is expected that the organized manufacturing and service sector would increase to 46-48 million by 2022 from the current 38 million.

The introduction of AI would generate $2.9 trillion in business value in 2021.

Research firm Gartner predicted that AI would create 2.3 million new jobs at global level.

Career growth graph

Top 25 fastest growing jobs in the US include 9 designations for Tech field, out of which 5 jobs heavily rely on AI knowledge of candidate.

India is a developing country and there is a huge scope for those who are ready to build new.

The jobs market will shift from typical jobs to smart skilled jobs. This change will happen because of the use of technology at minor and major stages.

AI and Machine learning will be the game changer and so there is, no doubt, plenty of opportunity pool for those who code it.

AI in News

  • 9 of the top 25 jobs in the U.S. in 2018 are in tech fields, out of Five jobs are heavily dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills and expertise
Salary graph

Professions securing best salary packages in the Industry

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