1 Year Specialized Classroom Program for Class 10th Students for

Boards/ NTSE / KVPY /Olympiads

Program Details

  • Course Name

    Radical One Year Course

  • Course Duration

    One Year

  • Frequency of Classes

    5-6 Days a Week

    2-3 Days for Weekend

  • Teaching hours per day

    1-2 Hrs. (can be extended)

    3-6 Hrs for Weekend

  • Eligibility

    Students entering to Class X / Class X Studying Students

  • Admission Process

    Direct Admission (on the basis of Marks/ Grades obtained in the School/ Board Exam)

Your 1 year contains - much more than you think

Board Exams will happen anyway. You will be preparing for it anyway. There is no big deal in it. But you know what, humans evolve only when they challenge their limits. This is your time. You have one whole year to work on you, to discover your hidden potential, to dream more and achieve more. Preserve this one year or waste it, it solely depends upon your willingness to achieve or do nothing. KELVIN offers you the chance not to settle for less. Enroll and find new spirits taking shape in you.

Detailed Course features that you will be getting at KELVIN

Intelligent Coaching Approach

Intelligent Coaching Approach

  • Limited students in a Batch.
  • Classes of 90 Minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of the exam and are delivered by our highly qualified faculties.
  • 1-2 classes a day and 5-6 days a week (Contact Centre for Weekend batches).
  • Comprehensive study material prepared by experts.

Concept Creation & Understanding

Concept Creation & Understanding

  • Coverage of the basic and core concept of all the relevant subjects.
  • Around 400 hours of classroom teaching.
  • This flexible program is designed to aid students in their preparation for Board exams also.
  • Comprehensive study material prepared by experts and updated based on new changes in Entrance exam.
  • Regular Doubt Clearing sessions for both Competitive Exams and CBSE Board Exams.
  • Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.
  • Question Banks for Board and Competitive Exams are provided to excel last year questions.

Practice and Perfection

Practice and Perfection

  • Weekly tests are taken based on Exam patterns to develop the competitive skills along with good board grades.
  • Around 100 DPP (Daily Practice Problems).
  • Around 25 Periodic Tests on NTSE/ Olympiads & CBSE patterns.
  • 3 Phase wise Tests.
  • Around 10 Part and Full-length tests for smooth finish.
  • Special Classes and Test series for NTSE.
  • Final Test Series for Class 10th Board Exam

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Micro and Macro level performance analysis of Marks and Ranks obtained by the students after each test.
  • Career counselling to ensure focus on your goal.
  • Student/ login portal to give proper analysis of Result displaying data with Graph, Chart, Comparison Table and additional info direct on your smartphone.
  • Regular attendance check and intimation to parents about student’s entry and exit from KELVIN premises.
  • Time Management strategies.
  • Tips & tricks to improve learning and performance efficiency.