Advantages of KELVIN VIDEO Package over YouTube Channel

S.No Features KELVIN YouTube Channel KELVIN Video Package
1. Concepts Explanation with Examples.
2. Extra enough examples.
3. NCERT Intext , Examples , Exercise. PDF solution.
4. NCERT Intext , Examples , Exercise Video Solution.
5. PYQ (PDF) solution for the last 10 years.
6. PYQ video solution for the last 10 years.
7. Regular Personal Mentoring.
8. Individual Doubt's solution.
9. CBSE Sample paper Video Solutions.
10. 5 Model/Mock sample paper Video Solutions.
11. Test: Chapterwise, Part Tests. & Full Test.

Maths Course Chapter List

Chapter No. Name Demo Link
1. Real Numbers
2. Quadratic Equation
5. Arithmetic Equation
7. Coordinate Geometry
8. Trigonometry

Science Course Chapter List

Chapter No. Name Demo Link
1. Chemical Reactions and Equations
2. Acids, Bases, and Salts
3. Metals and Non-Metals
4. Carbon and Its Compounds
5. Periodic Classification of Elements
6. Life Processes
7. Control and Coordination
8. How Do Organisms Reproduce
9. Heredity and Evolution
10. Light reflection and refraction
11. Human eye and colorful world
12. Electricity
13. Magnetic effect of electric current
14. Sources of energy
15. Our Environment
16. Management of Natural Resources

Key Features Of KELVIN Video Package

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