Terms & Conditions

  1. Students can register for KELVIN Talent Search Exam using Online or Offline Mode.
  2. For Online mode,visitwww.kelvin.ac.in.Upload passport size colour photograph and pay fee of Rs 200/- online, following which you will receive a unique Login Id and Password. Use these credentials for all KTSE related activities including download of Admit card and Sample papers.
  3. For Offline Mode,3.visit the branch office of KELVIN Institute with student’s colour photograph and one personal ID / School ID card. The fee for KTSE registration is Rs. 200/- only.
  4. It is compulsory to provide Mobile No. & Email ID of the student/ parent/ guardian. All the updates, Admit Card, Exam results or any other information by the institute will be sent to the student via SMS and /or Email. Institute shall not be responsible for any skip in information/ update if the student/ parent/ guardian has not given his/ her updated & correct Mobile No. / E-mail ID at the time of KTSE registration.
  5. Last date of applying Online/ Offline:5 November, 2019
  6. The Exam will be a Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) based paper, to be conducted on Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Sheet. A Sample of OMR sheet with Question Paper is available to download on KELVIN’s KTSE website (www.kelvin.ac.in).
  7. KTSE Sample Test papers will be made available at www.kelvin.ac.in. for the students to practice for KTSE.
  8. The result of successful candidates in KTSE 2019 shall be displayed on our website: www.kelvin.ac.in. mentioning the Names, Roll Nos. & Ranks of the students.
  9. Cash Awards* shall be paid by cheque as and when decided by the management.
  10. To get the Cash Scholarship, one has to enroll in KELVIN Classroom Program (Upcoming batch).
  11. 11.The Merit list for successful candidates will be prepared by listing them in the descending order of the total marks scored by them. However, there may be ties and such ties will be broken by sequentially applying the following set of rules:
    1. Candidate having higher marks in Science
    2. Candidate having higher marks in Mathematics
    3. Candidate older in age to be preferred
    4. Girl Candidate
  12. Meaning of Scholarship: Scholarship means Fee Concession/ Fee Discount / Fee Waiver. At any point of time, if the Government applies GST on Scholarship/ Fee Concession/ Fee Discount / Fee Waiver, it will be borne by student.
  13. Qualified / Interested candidates will be provided classroom coaching as per the choice of their study centre (at existing KELVIN centres only and as per availability of seats in that batch) but if a student wants to change the study centre, written permission for the same will have to be taken from the KELVIN Management.
  14. The students joining 1-year course of Class X shall be eligible for Scholarship for 1 year only. However, those students who join our 2-year program (class IX & X combined/ class XI & XII combined) shall be eligible for continued scholarship for the entire period of 2 years, subjected to Terms & Conditions.
  15. Maximum scholarship for a student shall not exceed 100% of overall tuition fee in any case whatsoever.
  16. Cash scholarships and fee waivers on KELVIN program will be decided on the basis of performance in written tests. All the candidates will have to perform well in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & Mental Ability and pass the grand total cut-off as well as individual subject cut-off Marks to be eligible.
  17. The final discretion of awarding the Cash Scholarships/ Fee Waivers on KELVIN classroom programs will remain with KELVIN Management and its decision will be final and binding on the student/ parent.
  18. By registering for KTSE, you agree that KELVIN can use the student’s picture/ name or related info for promotions/ advertisement purposes but in no case would it be given to third party. KELVIN understands the sensitivity of data and would ensure every measure in its capability to keep it protected and secured.
  19. By signing up for this event, the student/ parent authorizes KELVIN to send promotional and KTSE related SMSs even if DND is activated on the mobile number given in the KTSE registration form.
  20. In case of any emergency/ natural disaster/ unprecedented mass disorder situation/ or other unavoidable circumstances, the date for KTSE exam can be postponed to next suitable date regarding which Parents/ Students will be informed prior to the exam.
  21. Once registered and fee paid, the registration for KTSE cannot be cancelled nor it be claimed for refund of fee paid.
  22. If a student comes with a request to appear in KTSE on the day of exam at centre, it will not be allowed in any case.

Term & Conditions related to Academics Performance

  1. If any student of Class IX has already enrolled for 2-year classroom program at KELVIN, he/ she is still eligible to sit in KTSE in both years of his/ her classroom program. He/ she will be entitled to scholarship when he/ she enrolls for 2-year classroom program in class 11th. The scholarship amount will be decided after comparing the scholarship percentage (whichever is higher), in both years of KTSE results.
  2. For 1st Rank holder, total amount of cash reward will be paid as intimated by KELVIN. For students from 2nd to 40th rank who take admission in 2-year Classroom programme, the total cash amount will be paid in two instalments (50% each) in the span of two years of his/ her programme.
  3. During the Classroom Program at KELVIN, a student must meet the following requirements failing which his/ her free-ship program will be revoked with immediate effect. The decision of KELVIN Management shall be final and binding on the students and the parents.
    1. Attendance: The attendance of the student should not drop below 85% throughout the classroom program. It is compulsory for a student under this program to write all his/ her class test papers conducted by the institute in his/ her batches.
    2. Test Marks: The students will be required to maintain a minimum of 75% marks (60% in Engineering and 50% in JEE Adv.) in their regular assessment tests**
    3. Any act of indiscipline by the student brought to the notice of the administration of KELVIN in the classroom centre will not be accepted. A warning will be issued to such students, offering them another chance to improve their behaviour. Despite warning, if the student does not alter his/ her attitude and commits another act of indiscipline further, his/ her candidature for the free-ship program will be revoked with immediate effect.
    4. In case a student misbehaves/ gets involved in negative activities like teasing, stalking, theft, indiscipline, use of abusive languages, he/ she can be rusticated by the Centre Head. No scholarship will be given and no fee shall be refunded in such cases.
    5. If a student keeps himself/ herself absent from the classes without prior permission from the Centre Head then a warning letter will be issued against him/ her. Despite the warning letter, if the student continues to default further and does not change his/ her attitude, then the free-ship program of such student will be revoked with immediate effect & no fee will be refunded.
    6. If a student continues to remain absent for more than two weeks due to health issues or any other reason without prior permission from the Centre Head, his/ her candidature for the free-ship program will be revoked.
  4. KTSE appeared students (if qualified) can enroll in our regular weekdays/ weekend batches. If not qualified then they can still avail the benefit the scholarship benefit by appearing in KST.
  5. If any student fails in his/ her school exam, free-ship granted under KTSE scholarship will be withdrawn & the student will be disqualified from the program.
  6. The cut-off score shall be decided by the management at the time of declaration of Result.
  7. In case, any dispute or difference arises between student/ parents and the Institute regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, non-payment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms and conditions, the same shall be decided by the way of discussion with the KELVIN management and the decision taken by KELVIN management would be final.
    Any dispute(s) and difference(s) shall be governed by and construed under the Law of India and the courts of New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute(s) & difference(s) arising out of or in connection of KELVIN Institute.
  8. KELVIN Institute has all the rights to make any alteration/ change/ amendment/ modify any of the above program/ venue/ plan at any time without any prior notice.